Here you'll find answers to most of the questions you might have.


To be announced

Start Saturday at 06:00 (official opening at 07:50)
End Sunday at 16:00

Arrival is possible from Friday at 16:00. Bars will be open.

Bike stuff

What kind of bike can I bring?

Any dirt bike will do (gravel, cyclocross, MTB).

We recommend using tyres with a width on or above 33 mm. You'll have plenty of time discussing the best tyre width and tubeless pros and cons at the festival, so we'll leave that for the nerdy discussions. It's part of the fun :-)

How are the bikes handled at the festival, when I’m not riding?

Lock it up! We have a fenced area for the babys! With guards - keeping an eye on the loved ones while you are having fun or sleeping.

Are helmets mandatory?

Of course. No access to the rides without one on top of your beautiful head.

Camping and practical stuff

What kind of stuff can I bring to the camping ground?

Included in the ticket price is a 3 x 3 meter camping space, where you can pitch a tent. You are not allowed to bring furnitures or anything else that isn't suitable for a weekend of camping.

If you feel like some extra luxury you can upgrade your stay by ordering one of our extra accomodation packages when buying the ticket.

Are there any shower facilities?

NO! Just kidding - of course – yes. But maybe there will be a queue if everyone will shower at the same time, so bring a beer, and meet a stranger.

Can I bring my dog?

No, please don’t, unless you need it as a helper. For the safety and wellbeing of the dog, this is not the event to bring a dog or other pets.

Are there First aid at the Festival?

Yes - you bet. During the day. And a lollipop if you hurt yourself. Larger damage or injuries will be taken care of at the hospital.

How do I pay at the festival?

We accept credit card and digital payment at the festival. We accept the following: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Unionpay, Diners, Discover, Maestro, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. We do not accept cash payment.

Smoking, how is that?

We encourage the smokers to take precautions and show respect to all the nonsmokers. Just step out of the crowd, go around a corner etc. Thanks! No Smoking in the camping area – please.


Can I come by car?

Yes you can. We offer free car parking, but... hey... it's a gravel festival, so wouldn't it be more cool to arrive by bike?

How do I get there?

By plane If you are flying in - choose to Copenhagen Airport. The venue is about 100 km from the airport. Public transport is possible to the venue from the airport (would require changing train a few times).

By train It's easy to get to Anneberg by train. Nykøbing Sjælland train station is only a few kilometers away. In Denmark you can bring your bike on all trains, but you might have to book it in advance. Check at the train station or online.

By car Easy peasy and we offer free car parking, but think how cool it would be to arrive by bike instead :-)

Food and drink

What kind of food is served at the festival?

The food we serve (included in the festival ticket) is made for graveling.

Breakfast: Primarily white and dark bread with cheese, jam etc. Coffee and tea.

Lunch: Pasta or sandwich. Served at the festival site or out on the trails.

Dinner: Lots of proteins, salads, desserts etc. For meat lovers and vegetarians.

Please bring your own cutlery, plate and drinking cup. And remember to clean it once in a while.

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

Yes – but we hope and would definitely prefer that you support our initiative and effort and help us make the wheels spin for us as well. So please buy some cold beers, wine, bubbles or hot coffee/chocolate. You need to be 18 years old to buy alcohol.

What kind of drinks can I buy at the festival?

We've got you covered. You can buy nice and cold beers, wines, soft drinks, coffee and tea.

What kind of snacks can I buy at the festival?

Chocolate and müsli bars plus a variety of crisps.


Backlands is fully committed to ensure that everyone who attends our festivals ride with respect for our surroundings and each other. We are 100% focused on making sure that we protect our beautiful nature and all of us depending on it.


What if the Covid-19 monster comes and disturbs?

If we are being hit by Covid-19, or by any other force majeure in any matter, we might postpone the event to another more safe period. Your ticket will automatically be valid to the next event available. We can not refund tickets due to a postponing, but you are welcome to pass on your ticket or sell it to someone else - just remember to sell at the list price, please. If an event gets canceled, your tickets will be refunded automatically to the account that paid for the order.

Still got questions?

Reach out to us here via [email protected] or send us a message via Facebook Messenger

Date of Last Revision: Sep 4, 2022